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    • Members

    • How can I become a member?
      1. Go to My Account menu in the top navigation bar, and click Register.
      2. Fill in the required fields, then click Register to create your account.
      3. You should receive an email confirming your account within five minutes.
    • How can I update my profile information?
      1. Login to your EDRESOnline account.
      2. Go to My Account menu in the top navigation bar, and click on Customer info link.
      3. Complete edit the required fields, and then click Save.
    • How can I reset my account password?
      1. Go to My Account menu in the top navigation bar, and click on Login link.
      2. Click Forget password? link.
      3. Enter your email address and click Recover button.
      4. You should receive an email with the password recovery link within five minutes.
    • Vendors

    • How can I open a Vendor account on EDRES Online?

      When you become a vendor, you will be able to share and sell your education resources and get compansated for your efforts.

      Please follow the below steps to create your free vendor account:

      1. Click on Apply for vendor account on the footer, under My Account menu.
      2. If you are an existing member Login, If not Register as a a new member.
      3. Enter your vendor account name, and click the Register button.

        Note: As part of your shop setup, you'll need to specify an existing PayPal account where you'd like to receive payment. If you don't have a PayPal account, please set one up before finishing your shop checklist.

      4. Upon approving your request, you should receive a confirmation email.
    • What are the fees of creating a Vendor account?

      Creating vendor account is always free, no setup cost. Also, sharing free resources is always free.

      We make money only when you make money. We offer 75% royalty on sales and have a fee of $0.30 per transaction.

      All vendors have access to the same marketing and promotional tools, have front-line customer support, receive payments one a month, and have no fees for listing resources.